CASE STUDY - Oreilly


O’Reilly Media, the International media company, provide technologists and entrepreneurs with books, events, webcasts and training courses and have played a huge part in the evolution of the World Wide Web, Open Source Software, big data and the Maker Movement.

They run several high tech multi-stream conferences worldwide each year.  The events are leading technology meet ups where experts join to discuss the latest tech in the Open Source and IT systems which drive the world forward.  We were delighted to start working with O’Reilly in 2013 and since then have worked on many of their prestigious multi-day events around the world.  For each event, we live stream key note sessions and capture hundreds of talks from breakout rooms each day.

Example – O’Reilly held the OSCON and Velocity Amsterdam conference over 5 days.  The conference consisted of keynote speeches in the auditoirum and 10 breakout rooms throughout each day. MOD Streaming were tasked with live streaming of each keynote and filming every session in the breakout rooms. All content was brought back to the UK and over 135 separate talks were top and tailed, edited and sent to the client within 2 weeks. We also setup and managed a multi camera studio where we recorded tutorials by key figures in the tech world.

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“The MOD Streaming team is an invaluable, trusted partner and friend to the O’Reilly Media video department.  They provide rock solid video streaming services for our international conferences and contribute to a complex video production and editorial workflow helping us to deliver hundreds of hours online video content each year.”

Kirk Walter, Director of Video Operations, O’Reilly Media, Inc.